The CIIGAR Logo: a dog holding a cigar, leaning over the word CIIGAR, looking awesome

People @ CIIGAR Lab

Current CIIGAR Lab Members

Dr. David L. Roberts

His Royal Holiness, The Dali Roberts
Director, CIIGAR Lab

Adam Amos-Binks

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Ignacio X. Domínguez

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Robert Loftin

The Narrator, Dewbot, Hanson, et al.
Graduate Student, Ph.D.

John Majikes

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Sean Mealin

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Zach Cleghern

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Past CIIGAR Lab Members

Dr. Brent Harrison

Bunny Pancake
Ph.D., 2014

Dr. Pu "Jerry" Yang

Ph.D., 2014

Alok Goel

M.C.S., 2015

Rohit Khilnani

Graduate Student, M.S.C.

Mike Winters

The Winter Soldier
Graduate Student, Ph.D.

Honorary CIIGAR Lab Members

Dr. Alper Bozkurt

bio-electric interfaces, neural engineering

Dr. Rita Brugarolas
Electrical Engineer, Intel Venture Program (Prior: the iBionics Lab @ NCSU)

Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera

Computational-Cognitive Models of Narrative
Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

James MacGlashan

Postdoc, Brown University

Bei Peng

Ph.D. Student, Washington State University

Dr. Barbara L. Sherman

Clinical Professor, Veterinary Behavior

Dr. Robert St. Amant

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Matthew Taylor

Multi-agent Systems, Transfer Learning
Professing profoundly at Washington State University

Katie Walker
Ph.D. Student, Electrical Engineering (the iBionics Lab @ NCSU)

Sherrie Yuschak

Veterinarian Clinical Technician