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Ignacio X. DomínguezXD

Graduate Student, Ph.D.

In general I am interested in studying human behavior in virtual environments, including interaction both between humans as well as with the virtual environment itself. I am particularly interested in creating computational models of interaction that can be used to identify and predict behavior, and using those models to influence behavior and decision making processes of individual and groups in virtual environments towards a desired direction.

My research interests touch on topics from multiple disciplines outside of computer science such as cognitive science, social psychology, and behavioral economics. I enjoy using computer games as the means to inspect behavior by creating tasks with comparable complexity as those in real life. The use of games also provides me the opportunity to more tightly control studies while being the least disruptive to the subject I am studying while allowing everyone to have fun in the process.


Journal Articles

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  1. Ignacio X. Domínguez, Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, and David L. Roberts. The Impact of Roles on Decision-making in RPGs. In the Atlanta Computational Social Science Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia, 2014.
  2. Ignacio X. Domínguez and David L. Roberts. Asymmetric Virtual Environments: Influencing Performance Through Avatar Colors. In the Atlanta Computational Social Science Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia, 2014.